VSDˢ - 下一代的压缩机


Atlas Copco为您带来了GAVSDˢ - 一个真正的接地压缩机,用于所需的一代。

当Atlas Copco超过20年前推出了第一个VSD压缩机时,它无法想象会成为另一个压缩机,这会如此彻底改变行业。Andyet,在这里,他们是第三次与第三代VSD技术一起做的。

这是持续投资创新的结果。但更重要的是,它是专业知识和他们发展河流的努力的结果。 It is as though they reinvented the compressor – looking at every single component to figure out how we can make a revolutionary product even better, even more efficient, even more reliable and even more sustainable. The result is a true marvel of innovation that deserves all the superlatives used today to describe it.  

但是VSDˢ.不仅仅是一代新一代的VSD压缩机,它是一代新一代的压缩机,是真正的可持续创新。 Their products are at the cutting edge of technology and allow our customers to, not only meet today’s standards but also those of tomorrow. Climate change is having a direct impact on lives. Sustainability is no longer an option, but something we must achieve. They have to make a meaningful difference together… not in some distant future, but right now. Atlas Copco is ready to seize this mantle of responsibility – because they have never been satisfied with the status quo and will always keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible.  

这种创新的Spiritthisthisvsdō真的有更好的例子。 It cuts energy use so drastically that it has a direct impact on the customers’ environmental footprint. They also choose not to use rare earth materials in their new motor design. That may seem like a small thing, but it illustrates how important sustainability is. 


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